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Nursing a tough schedule and hard schoolwork

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Towson University is known for its tough nursing major program. The program is hard to get into, almost elite.

For those students who wish to be nursing majors, the future seems daunting. And for those students who have been excepted into the program, the work load is overwhelming.

Nursing majors spend most of their time studying and doing work and say that their social lives suffer. However, in the end, they say, it is all worth the struggle.



Doga: A worldwide phenomenon

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Yoga, a traditional physical and mental discipline originating in India, has been around for several millennia. There are many forms of traditional yoga, including Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Hatha Yoga. In the United States yoga is most often associated with Hatha Yoga, a form of exercise and meditation based on different asanas, or postures.

As Yoga has grown in popularity it has expanded into different markets. There is yoga for foodies, yoga for chocolate lovers, yoga for wine lovers, comedic yoga and there is even death meditation yoga in a funeral home in New York City.

Yoga for dogs, or Doga, is perhaps the fastest growing and most well-known of all the current yoga trends.

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Leah Randolph and her dog Rockstar practice doga in their backyard.

Snowmaggedon 2010

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The two consecutive blizzards of February 2010 broke the records for the most snow fall in one winter.

Watch this slide show to see pictures of the phenomenal snow storms and their aftermath.